Strategy radar 2012_0914 – Snapshots: Changing faces of 1) Cybercrime 2) Bank Profitability

Highlights of the week include various aspects of Superannuation: the growing debate about cutting tax concessions on self-managed super funds; but also the use of technology to reengage with customers (as articulated by Geoffrey Summerhayes this week) or to drill the pool of ‘Data’ to better analyse their behaviours as illustrated by Telstra Super. A new insurance product against ‘School Bullying’ in France could be a prompt to look into this issue given its high visibility in Australia.
The big macro-economic news are: the confirmation of a looming food prices crisis, and the (temporary?) relief provided by the American QE3 and the approval of the EU bailout mechanism.

Two snapshots:

1 – the changing face of cybercrime. A highly topical issue for us given the impact of Frauds on our lines of business. (and again a topic for ‘Big Data’ analytics)

2 – the changing face of Bank profitability, prompted by a UBS study on the topic.

As per usual the sources are curated in Pearltrees:


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