Strategy radar 2012_1005 Theme: Have we reached Peak Car?

Highlights this week include ANZ’s plans to focus on Wealth Management and cut branch footprints (back to the future?), a report by CPA Australia pointing at systemic deficiencies in the Superannuation system, BoQ about to become the first Australian bank to post a Full-Year loss since ‘the recession we had to have’, a controversial plan to raise tariffs on steel to protect Blue Scope Steel, and illustrations via the Bank of England (on Basel III) and the RBA (who is considering Fees on Banks for taxpayer guarantees) that central banks are becoming more ‘activist’ in their role of super-regulators, going beyond the primary mandate of focusing on inflation.

The snapshot of the week is prompted by the latest motor vehicle sales numbers: despite a recent growth, are we about to face “Peak Car”? And what does it mean?

As per usual, main sources (and other recommended data points) are curated in Pearltrees:


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