Strategy radar 09/11/2012 > High level look at Re-Insurance

This week was marked by key news about Rating Agencies: a ruling from the Australian Federal Court confirmed that S&P duped 13 NSW councils into buying toxic financial products before the GFC (it got a lot of attention overseas. I even heard about it from Paris first before finding it in the AFR); a reflection on the banks’ reporting season and pondering warning of bad debt vs their actually good capital position; and an interesting case study provided by Origin Energy who is also facing consequences from S&P’s decision to change their method on Hybrid Capital (relevant well beyond Origin’s own sector).

This week’s snapshot is a high-level look at key dynamics affecting the reinsurance market. A wide topic hard to cover on a single page. So this is probably more of a heuristic leaving many questions unanswered, and an invitation to come back to the topic in a future radar…

As per usual, main sources (and other recommended data points) are curated in Pearltrees:


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