Strategy radar 16/11/2012 > snaptshot: 2052 – a debrief of Jørgen Randers’ visit

This week was marked by QBE profit forecast downgrade and the questions it raises; NAB splitting its CIO role; BoQ re-entering the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities market after it had notoriously dried up with the GFC (hence seriously affecting the smaller lenders).

In the non-finance world, the 2-strike rule is starting to play out in the boardroom and Qantas is throwing all it can to shift its predicament.

On the macro front, adding to the US, China and the EU (now officially in recession) navigating their way through the crisis, war between Israel and Hamas has restarted in the context of increasing tensions with Iran, which could have major consequences for global stability and oil prices…

A different type of snapshot this week: a debrief of the visit of economist Jørgen Randers. Jørgen Randers famously coauthored the controversial and now classic The Limits to Growth in 1972, which started to challenge orthodoxies linked to unlimited growth. 40 years later Jørgen revisits his study in the context of the post GFC world in his new book “2052 – A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years”. This snapshot is to highlight his work and why it is relevant to us (and also because I have always dreamt of placing the letter ø in a management memorandum, but I couldn’t really say that…)

As per usual, main sources (and other recommended data points) are curated in Pearltrees:


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