{Video} Incredible Drone Footage Shows Sydney Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


This is really something special, put on line by businessinsider.com.au and so good that I wanted to archive it here >

Australian cinematographer Glenn Fowler used a drone-mounted camera to shoot these scenes from around Sydney over the summer. The result is a spectacular tour of the city’s most famous landmarks.

You can see footage never captured before of the drone flying over the sails of the Opera House, hovering over Bondi Beach, around the pylons of the ANZAC bridge, and in between the towers of St Mary’s Cathedral.

Fowler is based in New York. His father, Ian, who runs the Australian office of film production company Cavort, explained Glenn had been training as a camera technician “since he was seven or eight”.
The Opera House sails up close

“The scenes we shot at Bondi, people were coming and saying, ‘Wow, that’s amazing, where can I get one?’”, he told Business Insider. At the Opera House the security guards eventually found him and shooed him away, but they were very good about it.”

In case you wanted to reproduce it yourselves, be aware that “The reason this looks so good is it has a highly skilled operator using it,” Fowler said. “If someone grabs one of those they could get one for about $700-$800; fully kitted out this one is worth about $2,500. But if someone just starts trying this stuff without the training they’re likely to crash it within five or 10 minutes.” With his setup, Fowler can monitor avionics and see streaming video from the ground to ensure he’s getting the footage he needs.

A great tour the city I now call home : )


EYE SPY : Sydney City from Glenn Fowler on Vimeo.


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