[Radar] Murray Interim report + Trends in Customer Servicing

– A week marked by the awaited release of the Murray Inquiry Interim Report, and analyses to figure out potential impacts on the Australian Finance landscape: from increase in Capital Buffers likely to push ROE down among the major banks, to excessive fees in Superannuation. Some interesting lessons to be learnt from the retailing sector with Coles pushing into personal finance with a Joint Venture with GE.
– This week’s deep-dive continues to put our Service Revolution into a broader context. After mapping it against the banking landscape in the previous radars, we look at global Customer Servicing trends as reported by Accenture, Forrester, Ovum and McKinsey: all in one spot for you.

Link to the PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yk6y3g6tvoel27c/Radar_02_2014_0717_DeepDive_trends_in_Customer_Servicing.pdf?dl=0

Xavier Rizos – July 2014 – Sydney



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