[Radar] nov 2014 + Deloitte Access Economics on Red Tape in Australia


– Highlights from the past period include the corporate reporting season, NAB settling on bank fees class action, regulators and policy makers ramping up pressure after the Bank FX scandal and the Luxembourg leaks.

– In the digital world, it’s a seemingly little item that caught my attention: the world’s first 3D printed computer fund-raising. The project’s disclosed goal is “to make hardware as accessible as software” – just think of the possibilities… Beyond the hype on 3D printing, the ability to generate digital devices will eventually have profound implications as the technology matures and its applications are better understood.

– On the global front, it was undoubtedly President Xi Jinping’s month. His New Silk Road strategy is incredibly ambitious for China, and hugely important for the global economy. I added a separate ‘Radar Espresso update‘ on that topic here if you are interested in this kind of big picture stuff.

– The deep dive is a reader’s digest of a really original report from Deloitte Access Economics on the nature and impact of Red Tape in Australia. They believe it is costing Australia $249 billion a year, and have a very interesting way of deconstructing the issue…


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